Contacts at Vink Moulding

Lars Tropp
Sales & development
Vacuum forming
Mobile: +45 60 82 80 07
Dir. pho. : +45 8743 1233

Andreas Haahr
Business Unit Director
Mobil: +45 20 65 77 77

Henrik Christian Møller
Key Account Manager
Mobile: +45 40 14 61 19
Dir. pho. : +45 87 43 12 32

Peter Loft
Quality coordinator
Dir. pho. : +45 8743 1222

Claus Trend
Sales assistent
Dir. tlf. : +45 87 43 12 21

Frits Henriksen
Production manager
Mobile: +45 22 34 40 20
Dir. pho.: +45 87 43 12 23

Vink Moulding has more then 30 years of experince working with plastics. Our customized products range from transparent domes, large screen sheets and all the way to complex products with brackets our bushing integrated into them. We can offer small or larger volumes depending on size of the product as well as the complexity. We are working closely with our customers and understand that they are all different and need solutions that suits them. Based on our expertise, creativity, experience and determination we are committed to always produce the best possible solutions in the highest quality. We mainly deliver to the danish market, but also offer export to the EU, the USA as well as the Far-East.

We have our own tool making department, which produces smaller mold tools and optimizes existing tools using innovative thinking to ensure a more secure production. We coordinate the production of larger tools with other tool making companies, all of which must meet our strict quality requirements at all stages. Vink Moulding is certified according to:

Environment and recycling

We want to actively contribute to a better environment by reducing the amount of waste production and increase the amount of recycling. All of our injection molding machines have grinders mounted, so the residual materials are grinded and recycled directly in the ongoing process, where possible. After vacuum forming the residual material is grinded to granules for re-use in new products.

All our waste is sorted into different categories. The residual materials from the plastic production, which we can not recycle ourselves, are being processed by our authorized partners and recycled for the production of new plastic products.

We are also working to increase the purchase of plastic plates and granules that are made of recycled plastics, thus achieving a more sustainable production. However, it depends greatly on the type of item to be produced whether it is possible to use recycled plastic.

Quality policy

We want as far as possible, to comply with our customers’ expectations and requirements. Through close cooperation and good communication between customers, suppliers and employees, it is our wish always to offer and deliver the optimal solution in terms of customer needs.

We want to be a reliable and competent partner for our customers and suppliers, and continually monitor the quality of our products and services to ensure continued high customer satisfaction.

Vink Moulding is DS/EN ISO9001:2015 certified.

Environmental policy

We purchase only approved raw materials from reputable and authorized suppliers, as we want to take environmental responsibility for the products we use and supply.

We want to reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy in our production. Therefore, we continuously monitor the company's consumption.

All cooling water used in production is controlled in a closed loop system, which ensures a minimum use of water.

We recycle as much as possible residual materials. Waste plastics from injection molding and thermo-forming, is recycled, either by us or by our authorized partners for the production of new plastic products.

We consider environmental aspects into any investment and take energy consumption of the machines into account when planning the production.

Vink Moulding complys with all the relevant directives, including REACH and ROHS.

The history of Vink Moulding:

  • September 2019: DD Plast formally changes name from DD Plast to Vink Moulding.
  • October 2014: Now a part of the Vink Group with more then 4000 employees worldwide and a revenue of over 7 billion DKK. - Vink is part of the largest network of plastics distributors in the world. In Denmark, Vink Plast is the market leader in the production of custom made components made from processing plastics. For more, please visit
  • 2000: Quality and enviromental certifications were obtained by DD Plast according to ISO 9001.
  • 1996: Production facilities were expanded to include vacuum formers.
  • 1984: Production facilities were fitted with injection molders. 
  • 1982: DD Plast is started as a tool and form manufactor.