Plastics and molding

Vink Moulding produces injection molded plastic parts in our production that includes 13 molding machines with a capacity of 420 ton and a volume up to 2500 cm3. We sell to many different industries and with our extensive experience we are a competent partner when businesses need to develop new products of plastic. Typically, our products work as part of a more complex product. 

All our molding machines are equipped with robots, several of which are 6-axis. The robots ensure a high degree of automation in production by solving machining tasks or inserting e.g. bushings and brackets, so the plastic part is ready for use after molding. This provides stability in planning and results in optimized solutions at competetive prices.

We offer to optimize packaging to ensure maximum safety of the items during transport and at the same time minimize transportation costs.

Forms and tools for the production of plastic parts

The quality of the mold is a crucial precondition for a stable and satisfactory production of plastic parts.

Our project management also includes the purchase and coordination of the mold production. We are happy to work from the customer’s own design drawings; however, we also offer advice and 3D drawing of the mold.

We have our own toolmaker department where we manufacture small molds and fixtures. We can in a short time make alterations, maintenance and repair of molds, providing security for our customers and ensure a stable production process. If we cannot ourselves produce the mold, we work with suppliers in Denmark, the rest of the EU and China, who provide quality molds in steel and aluminum.

As a contract manufacturer, we work exclusively with customer-owned molds which are stored at our fireproof stock.


Vink Moulding has extensive experience in manufactoring small, medium and large size plastic items for the folowing industries - electronics, food, energy, OEM and lighting.  

Download printable product sheet (in danish) detaling the possibilities of injection molding.